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If you own a computer, you have the option to utilize one of the newest innovations in the seafood market: online seafood purchasing. There are several companies that offer fresh seafood shipping, and advances in shipping procedures have created the possibility of moving live fish thousands of miles from where they are caught.

One of the most exciting advances involves slowing the breathing and heartbeat of fish by placing them in a small amount of water and then cooling it to almost freezing. Since fish are not warm blooded, this slows their bodily functions, which allows them to be flown in just enough water to cover one side of their gills. Since the amount of water is so small, the cost to ship is competitive. So you can order online seafood, and have it shipped to you, still alive!

The usual hurdles that all businesses face when they move toward internet marketing exist for online seafood shopping as well. You may find it hard to know who you are buying from and how good their reputation is. The veracity of information in the internet age is often left unquestioned. The upside to those questions is that buyer reviews and seller ratings can give you an accurate feel for how past customers feel the business has performed.